For the week of June 26:

Specials in Nineteen

The following specials will be available for Men’s and Ladies’ League Members in Nineteen:

  • Flatbread Pizza $14
    Prosciutto/tomato/peppers/mushroom/mozzarella w/ an arugula & balsamic salad
  • Porchetta sandwich $15
    Marinated and stuffed pork loin/red onion/red pepper/arugula/basil mayo/toasted Kaiser/fries
  • Atlantic Salmon $18
    Seared Atlantic salmon/pommes Anna/charred Brussel sprouts/parsley & lemon sauce

Game to be played in Ladies’ League

Name of the game: Fairway Finder
This game is a fairway challenge, focusing on accuracy off the tee. Simply check off each Par 4 that you hit the fairway off the tee, and the person with the most hit wins!  Ensure that you write your name neatly and legible on your score card.